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Hubtisch + Massagestuhl + Krankenhausbett + Elektrisches sofa + Zahnarztstuhl +


Der verstellbare Hubtisch mit Steuersystem steuert die Bewegung des Tisches nach oben und unten, um die Änderung der Höhe des Schreibtisches zu realisieren, um den unterschiedlichen Büroanforderungen gerecht zu werden. Intelligentes Heben, gesund und effizient, der Schreibtisch ist die erste Wahl für sitzende Büroangestellte.



KINGAUT Linear Motion Technology Co.,Ltd.

KINGAUT Linear Motion Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2006, has become a professional lineardrive product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises after more than ten years of development. Nowadays, Our company formed to electric push rod, lifting column, controllers and other three products system, the company's flagship product is widely used in many fields of electric putter dental chairs,beds, massage chairs, electric sofa human engineering and many other fields by domestic and foreign customers.

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Height-adjustable desk

The height-adjustable desk is different from the traditional desk. It is a desk that can be adjusted in height, to realize the transformation from a sitting office to a standing office, and help people to have a better and more relaxed office.

Häufiges Problem

Broken tail pull and shell rupture

the installation dimension does not match the use environment → hard pull (the minimum installation dimension of the environment is greater than the minimum installation dimension of the push rod) → hardtop (the maximum installation dimension of the environment is less than the maximum installation dimension of the push rod)

Häufiges Problem

The push rod shakes or slides when it reaches the top

1. the self-locking force of the push rod is insufficient 2. Unreasonable configuration and selection 3. Exceeding the rated load of push rod 4. No electronic short-circuit self-locking function