Height-adjustable desk


The height-adjustable desk is different from the traditional desk. It is a desk that can be adjusted in height, to realize the transformation from a sitting office to a standing office, and help people to have a better and more relaxed office.


Height-adjustable desks can generally be divided into two categories: electric lifting desks and hand-crank (mechanical) lifting desks.


The use of the two is different. The former is more convenient to use. After connecting the power supply , use the handset to adjust the height of the desktop with one button; the latter is to raise or lower the desktop by handshaking.

Both have their advantages, and both can achieve a standing office.


According to the customer's experience, the electric height adjustable desk is more convenient to lift. It has many functions such as one-key lifting, memory location storage, USB charging, LED height display, and rebounding in case of resistance. and the lifting speed is fast, up to 32mm/s lifting speed; load-bearing Powerful. the dual-motor electric lift table can reach a maximum load-bearing capacity of 120kg, bringing customers a better experience.

The disadvantage is that it cannot be raised and lowered out of power, and the price is higher than that of a hand-cranked desk. The hand-cranked table does not need to be powered on, and there is no requirement for the use environment. By manually adjusting the height, the lifting speed is slow, and the load-bearing is lower than that of the electric lifting table, which is about 60kg.


KINGAUT Linear Motion Technology Co.,Ltd. can provide you with more lift-able desks with different tubes(legs).

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